Commercial, Industrial, and Health Care Facilities

Perfection’s service division is responsible for providing services designed to support existing industrial, institutional, and commercial buildings, such as preventive maintenance services for mechanical/HVAC/refrigeration systems, general facility maintenance, mechanical and energy retrofits, and basic HVAC repair and emergency service. The service division also includes an automation services group that designs, installs, and supports the following systems: building automation and energy management. This division provides innovative solutions that will improve the operation of each facility and reduce or control owning and operating costs, especially utility consumption costs. A utility bill analysis helps customers better understand their facility‚Äôs utility consumption profile while also identifying energy-saving opportunities. Alarming and system monitoring are also available 24/7 through our Response Operation Center.

Proper operation of your facilities is a key element in running a successful business. Building occupants depend on daily comfort and technology tools to be efficient. Your mechanical and electrical systems represent a significant financial investment. They are complex systems that require specialized skills to understand and maintain. And procrastinating about your maintenance needs can be costly. Let’s face it – if not properly maintained, your heating, cooling, and electrical systems can be a continuous source of problems.